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The Skipper

Dave bond has been a commerical fisherman since the age of 17. He started on lining and netting vessels and then progressed to trawling and scalloping boats. At age 25 Dave bought his first boat and after some success decided to have a new boat built. After using this new boat for trawling and scalloping Dave decided to sell this boat and commission the first Mystique which was a Lochin 33. This was used for commercial fishing through the winter and angling in the summer. As boat technology progressed, Dave decided to have Mystique II built to the highest specification, and incorporating the lastest technology in angling vessels. Below is a list of previous achievments;

Skipper Dave Bond

"I believe that my history of commercial fishing gives me the edge I need in order to provide anglers with a good day on the water. I am fully qualified, have an offshore skippers licence and I am also a member of the P.B.A"