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Angling Services


Looe offers a fantastic choice of fishing due to its close proximity to the south west approaches. Mystique II is spacious and up to date which allows her to be versatile and equipped to any type of sea fishing.

Mystique II is the best boat for all of your requirements and is also availabe for film or charter work.

Short Trips

During the school holidays 2hr mackerel and 4hr bottom fishing trips are on offer. These trips are perfect for an introduction to angling. All equipment can be provided.

Reef Fishing

These trips generally last from 9am til 5pm and can incorporate mackerel fishing on the way to the reef site. The famouse Eddystone, Hands Deeps and Brenton reefs are all less thann 3/4 of an hour away from Looe. These trips include both drift fishing for species such as pollock and ling, as well as anchoring for larger species such as conger. Reef fishing is suitable of any type of angler.


This trip is usually an 8hr day with a 15 to 25 mile steam from Looe in order to reach the Gulf Stream. Once the destination has been reached, a chum trail is layed and the day is spent fishing for mackerel whilst waiting for the blue shark to pick up the scent. This is a game of patience! All equipment is provided. This trip is for those who like to relax....until the sharks arrive! Parties welcome!


There are a large number of wrecks in the waters surrounding Looe, with many that are barely fished. Mystique II is the top wreck fishing vessel in Looe with unsurpassed catched of pollock, cod, ling and conger. Trips can be variable in duration depending on the weather. This type of trip is for more experienced anglers.