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The Port

Looe is a small fishing town on the south coast of Cornwall with a modern fleet of fishing vessels. There are many reasonably priced hotels and B & Bs in the area, a list of which can be found here. The following are recommended;

Looe is also a good place for a evening out due to its many bars and restaurants which offer a wide range of cuisine to suit all tastes. Looe is a tidal harbour which could cause problems for arrival and departure times, however a small landing craft can be used to overcome this by ferrying people to and from the shore. Parking is ample in looe with spaces both sides of the harbour, including the harbour car park which is immediately adjacent to Mystique II's berth. Looe Angling Club is situated close to the quay and offers anglers the chance to have a drink at Club prices! There are also a number of good campsites near Looe, details of which can be found here.