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Posted By: Dave (2012-07-21)


Well at last I can access my site,I am computer illiterate and lost my password,but hopefully problem sorted,season just started so hopefully will keep site updated.Pete had the 1st shark of the season on Wednesday a nice 80lber which is early,lets hope its a sgn of things to come.The reefing has been excellent so far and the next few days I am wrecking so hopefully some good updates soon.

Posted By: Dave (2012-06-08)

Merry Christmas

1st thing is to appologise for not getting the pictures up from last year,Im sure if I was a technophobe they are only a few clicks of the keyboard away,but as many of you are aware I am not that bright? Anyway we are managing to pick away this winter a slight improvement on last year which is encouraging,a weeks holiday in Sharm seemed to stir up the local sharks,obviously heard of my reputation,but as is normally my case they were a week too late! Well it just remains for me to wish you all a Merry Christmas and hopefully a prosperous new year....oh did I forget to mention the price of diesel !!!!

Posted By: Dave (2010-12-23)

Quick update

Saturday,we managed another 4 biggest a male of 95lb,and Sunday 5 biggest about 65lb,tied up for 3 days now and then sharking again Thursday?

Posted By: Dave (2010-09-27)

Busy days

Last weekends wrecking was pretty good with flat calm weather on Saturday we managed a cracking day on the eels followed by a steady stream of 20lb+ ling,Sunday the weather was not too good but still managed to get 40 miles off,a steady amount of pollack,ling and conger were caught. Sharking Thursday we managed to boat 7 ,biggest 100lb,conditions not so good yesterday but still managed 1,see how we get on today ?

Posted By: Dave (2010-09-25)

This week

Well the wrecking was pretty successful despite the weather being pretty poor,Monday was hard work,Tuesday we found several pollack a few ling and despite the tide 30 minutes at anchor saw several congers,Wednesday we managed 88 pollack 5 cod and a box of large whiting.Thursday sharking had 5 biggest 114lbs,Friday 1 and yesterday 2.The diary for next year is filling steadily,be warned !

Posted By: Dave (2010-09-13)


Well what can I say the sharking is just getting better Wednesday 4 boats caught 23 sharks and yesterday 30 were caught between 4 boats with the Typhoon catching 13,hopefully this will carry through to the end of the season.A few wrecking trips shceduled for this coming week so hopefully the easterly wind wont effect us too much,last week wrecking we caught several pollack the best 19.8 and quite a few cod around the 15lb mark.

Posted By: Dave (2010-09-03)


Very busy at the moment with the short trips during the week,reefing has been pretty good,but the sharking is exceptional this year with over 100 being caught already by the fleet,with a good 6 weeks to go this is looking to be the best season for years.

Posted By: Dave (2010-08-18)


Just a quick update obviously with all the fine weather its been hectic of late,the sharking is fabulous at the moment in the last 5 trips we have had 11 the biggest 116 lb for Malcolm this is turning out to be a good season for all the Looe boats,hope its a good sign for the future.

Posted By: Dave (2010-08-04)


Great couple of weeks,regular crowd from Liverpool down for the week wrecking,best day 94 Pollack to 15lb,through the course of the week they had numerous Pollack and several Cod best day 9 to 20lb.Diss and Eye had their annual 3 days 1st day 42 Pollack,and a few Ling,2nd day over 6o eels and plenty of 20lb+ Ling,and the last day was spent Whiting bashing with over 200 kilos being caught. Mainly sharking for the next 2 weeks.

Posted By: Dave (2010-07-07)

This Week

1st off the weekend 3rd and 4th has been booked,but Saturday 10th is now free.Quick update reefing Thursday was hectic pouts on tap?conger ling poor cod,whiting,launce,herrings,mackerel,wrasse,cod,pichards,and congers being caught. Friday wrecking several pollack a few ling and loads of congers,biggest 72lb a personal best for Mike Ivey followed by a 60lb+ eel for current Cornwall champion Adrian Hill.

Posted By: Dave (2010-06-26)


Friday wrecking,plenty of tide but managed eels to 51lb,ling to 20lb and 4 cod.Weekend reefing plenty of large whiting and eels to 42lb,1st trip sharking this week and we have caught the 1st sharks of the season, a 55lb for wee George,and a cracking 94lber for seasoned pro Lockie,well done mate.Saturday 3rd has been taken,only Sunday 4th free now.

Posted By: Dave (2010-06-19)


I have a cancellation for Saturday 3rd and Sunday 4th of July if this is of interest to anybody,it is now the only weekend free for the season.

Posted By: Dave (2010-06-16)

Busy days

Well really good to get back into a routine,last 2 weeks non stop,the reefing has been good,with plenty of whiting ,ling and congers.Last Saturday a 50 mile trip with Mike Morgans Welsh club resulted in plenty of congers to 60lb and several ling to 20lb,the following 3 days with Denis,s Northumberland crew saw eels to 70lb and ling to 30lb.The local angling club was out Friday and despite the tide managed eels to 51lb,several ling to 20lb and 4 cod to 15lb,yesterday reefing resulted in a lot of large whiting and a good showing of ling,hopefully the fishing will carry on improving,Thursday and Friday will see my 1st shark trips of the season,will update next week !!!

Posted By: Dave (2010-06-13)

Great weather

Not that busy yet,shame because the weather has been great,anyway reefing Thursday flat calm,caught our bait easily with birds working,gannets diving it was mayhem,garfish everywhere (monsters)then out to the Hands where we drifted for Ling caught a lot of ling and pouts,then spent the last hour or so at anchor at least 20 eels all returned,one of those rare days ! Saturday wrecking really good fishing plenty of ling and several congers on the anchor,best ling 25lb,not so good on the flood in the afternoon though. Sunday wrecking again over 30 ling best 27lb,certainly seems good for ling at the moment,lets hope the weather is kind to us this season ???

Posted By: Dave (2010-05-26)


Well the avid followers of this regularly updated website will realise it has been down for a couple of days,got to give a big thankyou to Adrian for getting it back on line. Eternally grateful mate. We have had a couple of wreck trips with good results plenty of ling and pollack but no record breakers as yet to try for congers. On the reef trips we have had several congers the biggest around 42lb and some good ling. The mackerel seem to be gathering which always makes life a little easier baitwise, not busy yet another 2 weeks then the diary is pretty full so hopefully more updates !!!

Posted By: Dave (2010-05-04)

First trip

Well we had the first trip of the year on Saturday,11 strong crew of locals keen as mustard,38 miles 1 ling and some lovely pouts,moved on another 10 miles where we found steady fishing pollack to 15lb and several ling decided to move on the slack water as fishing had started to quieten down,on the last wreck we found pretty hectic fishing with a lot of ling up to 25lbs coming over the rail, so all in all a good start to the season,hopefully it will carry on.

Posted By: Dave (2010-03-16)

Bad Winter

Well wishing you all a Happy New Year, hope its better than the last ?The winter is turning into a nightmare still havent earnt anything ,went out Boxing day to shoot hauled the next day for 15st of fish,had an offer for the boat but thought about the looks on all your faces if I went smaller !!!! so still got her hope its the right decision.Anyway have a good one everybody..

Posted By: Dave (2009-12-31)

Bad Management

I suppose there have been several visitors waiting for an update pretty poor of me. The season was good in terms of not to many days lost,but cant say the weather was favourable just made everything hard work.Not many notable fish biggest congers in the region of 70lb, pollack 17lb,ling 30lb,the reefing was consistant and the sharking a little better than 2008,lets hope it continues in an uphill trend.Just back from holiday we didnt get to sea the week before I went and we havent been since I got back,nearly 5 weeks now ! Lets hope this is the bad weather and next season is fine. The diary is quite busy, prices I will try to keep the same but the diesel is creeping up. Argyle aint doing well, weather crap but dont worry we have Christmas to look forward to.

Posted By: Dave (2009-11-22)

Let down

Anybody want to book the boat sharking tomorrow Sunday ???Been let down

Posted By: (2009-09-19)


Not much to add the weather is terrible short trips hard work,plusside Lockies annual 2 day sharking produced 3 sharks,75lber for Paul consistant Ellis and a 40lb warm up fish followed by one of over a 100lbs for John, after a good start the sharking is a little harder, lets hope the weather improves and we can have a good 2nd half season.

Posted By: Dave (2009-07-30)


The trouble I am getting for not updating so much has happened I cant remember it,A quick resume, the reefing has been very good with a lot of ling around this year several pollack and the usual congers.Wrecking has been consistant the Northumberland groups annual trip saw 3 very fine days with big catches,eels to 64lbs, a trip the following day by the locals also with the same result biggest 64lb biggest pollack 17lb.The Liverpool lads week was not so good for congers but produced upwards of 70 pollack each day (4 anglers)and a few cod.Its the shark festival this week 1st day 5 sharks caught,not by me though better luck today I hope.

Posted By: Dave (2009-07-09)


Well we had a trip wrecking last weekend which proved to be very good with a lot of ling showing also several pollack and congers, no monsters but constant fish all day looks promising.This weekend we were reefing Saturday started very slowly with only 1 conger in the morning but a very hectic afternoon with over 30 congers caught biggest 52lb,Sunday not quite so busy but congers to the rail all day biggest 30lb.Just a note to the wrecking parties price £500 to £550 now that the deisel has come down,bet you cant beleive that one!!!

Posted By: Dave (2009-05-11)

About time

We have had a couple of trips this year the first a highly unsucessful wrecking trip just a few pollack for a 140 mile round trip,always seems to be the case early season.On the strength of this the next trips were reefing,not bad several ling a few pollack biggest between 16 and 17lb but thats it so far still a bit quiet on the bookings front only to be expected but hopefully it will pick up.Will update a bit more frequently when theres more news.

Posted By: Dave (2009-03-27)

Merry Christmas

Well theres no news on the fishing front the mackerel season hasnt happened, changed gear now,the boat has been out to have 2 new fuel tanks fitted stainless replaced by plastic due to a leak dont want them letting me down in the season.Good news is diesel has gone down so prices are looking good for next season?It only remains to wish you all a Happy Christmas and hopefully prosperous New Year

Posted By: Dave (2008-12-12)

Ticking along

Not much happening now, commercial mackerel fishing not very good hard to find fish only 3 of us left from a once thriving industry? Anyway the locals have been having regular trips now a shark trip produced a new womens county record garfish of 2lb 8 for Cathy Elcocks,and Bob Pollard weighed in with a 3lb 5,which was only 3oz short of the British record these fish have certainly been good sport on the light fly rods, and I am sure it is only a matter of time before the record is challenged. A wrecking trip of 30 miles produced several cod in the 5lb to 10lb range, a personal best pollack of 17lb+ for Andy Butler,A cuckoo wrasse of 1lb 12 for Adrian Hill (biggest in county this year) a 3lb+ pouting (biggest in county this year also for Bob Pollard) a few congers were also caught but not much time was spent at anchor biggest about 40lb.. An inshore trip in adverse weather on Friday saw a local group from Delabole catch several species including ling,pollack,wrasse and trip organiser Dave Barrett achieving his ambition to catch a conger (and another,and another) they are feeding hard now?

Posted By: Dave (2008-11-09)


Winding down a bit now,wrecking Wednesday saw a good catch of eels,just over 60lb the biggest a personal best for Steve Penrose some really nice pollack up to 16lb and 3 Cod.Friday weather made things difficult a few nice pollack but dissapointing on the eels just a few biggest about 40lb,Saturday 50 miles great weather some nice Pollack and several eels but no crackers biggest 44lb.

Posted By: Dave (2008-10-15)

On a roll

The good weather has continued,Saturday 2 more sharks 55lb for Steve and 90lber for Dean,Sunday reefing pretty quiet day to be honest a few pollack and ling some congers and several whiting.Monday the Liverpool lads down for 3 days easterly wind meant fishing hard going plenty of pollack on Monday wrecking but no size,Tuesday and Wednesday on the reefs several small pollack and a couple of Cod,Thursday individuals reef fishing produced better congers biggest 43lb a few ling and pollack.Sharking now for 3 days?

Posted By: Dave (2008-09-26)

Indian Summer

Friday an individuals trip saw us fishing the Eddystone reef, a good deal of congers coming to the gunnels biggest 55lb followed by a 45lb.Saturday 60 miles wrecking with 300 kl of mainly pollack being caught with several in the 16lb plus range topping out with a 18lb 8oz for Adrian Hill.With building tides sharking has been the order of the day since, none Sunday a 60lber for Steve Penrose on Monday, none Tuesday a 60lber for Charlena Nash on Wednesday, a 55lber for Brett Hewlett on Thursday and a blank Friday.

Posted By: Dave (2008-09-20)

Making the most of it

Well with the weather not good Saturdays scheduled wrecking trip was called off,but a few keen locals were up for a shark trip so away we went Garfish rods at hand, all the anglers being keen C.F.S.A members and made the most of it boating numerous gars the largest being weighed in for their percentage points,I can only give you an idea of the quality by the fact the Looe angling club record was bettered 3 times and a new Truro record being set by Adrian Hill,just to make the trip better Bob Pollard boated 2 sharks of 60lb and 70lb.The next day was booked wrecking but the party were reluctant due to the forecast so once again a shark trip was hastily arranged it resulted in another large amount of quality gars capped with 2 sharks for Mike Ivey a 65lb and a massive one of 100lb + a great 2 days under the circumstances. This week I had Brett Stevens out the weather was horrendous but we managed to get out reef congering every day,resulting in many congers his best day was about 25 yet again making the most out of a really poor situation,the boat really does make the difference !

Posted By: Dave (2008-09-14)

One fine week?

Well what a nice week,short trips were good and then Saturday sharking two local skippers ,resulted in Tony Berry boating a 95lb Blue, to finally after 22 years of trying join the Shark club, no more :Im a member and your not: from Louis.Sunday reefing not ideal conditions with half the crew never been before but we still managed in excess of 20 congers and 3 very nice Ling, some really nice ling on the reefs at the moment.Tuesday reefing with a group of 4 lads from Portland weather was atrocious but still managed to have a good day,biggest conger 36lb several good ling and some medium pollack. Looking like the rest of the week off.

Posted By: Dave (2008-09-03)


Check out the updated gallery pages,for some of this years better fish ?

Posted By: Dave (2008-08-29)

More like it ?

We managed to get away last Sunday for the 2nd day of the Lance Peters boat fishing competition weather still inclement,but 30miles was acheived fishing was hard going but by the end of the day 4 members of the crew had acheived top 10 placings, the best being Bob Woodman with a 67 12 conger unfortunatly his 2nd fish a small whiting meant he only attained 2nd place.Tuesday a day sharking,in not nice weather saw 18 year old Hattie boat a 70lb cracker ,pictures should be on soon!Another day sharking on Saturday saw Dick boat a 80lb blue on his light gear(130lb stand up stick and 14/0 reel) followed by 12 year old Andrew Harbage boating a 65lber, his grin wasnt as big as his dads? Sunday I had a full boat reefing fishing was exceptional with numerous Whiting followed by several Pollack then we had a lot of Ling biggest 18lb finally anchoring and returning several congers biggest 46lb. The diary shows that I have a few days going in September if anyone is interested give me a ring, I may even be able to put together some individual trips.

Posted By: Dave (2008-08-25)


To save any more calls August bank holiday is booked .Fishing has been cancelled till the summer decides to start, Nightmare,both days at the weekend wrecking were called off,hopefully next weekend better the Lance Peters competition maybe a more positive update next week.

Posted By: Dave (2008-08-12)


Unfortunatly the booking on August bank holiday Saturday has had to cancel due to illness,this prime date is now availiable,please call.

Posted By: Dave (2008-08-05)


What a week started well enough,Saturday wrecking with the Bath boys not a lot of fish several congers returned but no biggies a few ling filleted and boxed for their trip home and then the pubs took a hammering.See you next year? Sunday was a different kettle of fish as they say 3am start 70 miles and a lot of Ling and conger, when it started to go quiet shifted 40 minutes to a different wreck where the conger fishing was good to say the least,best in county species this year included cuckoo wrasse,red gurnard 57+lb conger and 4+lb black bream, all on this trip.Since then the weather has been poor, away today sharking!

Posted By: Dave (2008-08-02)


We set out last Saturday for a 2 day sharking trip,arriving back in Looe 4pm Sunday we managed to catch 4 a 70lb,2 round the 65lb mark and a small one about 20lb, we were well pleased with this considering the north west wind that was prevalent,there was only 1 other shark caught by the fleet over the weekend.We had 2 more days sharking Wednesday we failed and Friday we had another blue shark.I have 2 days wrecking now hopefully good reports for next week.A thought for those of you who are looking to book next year the diary is open and filling fast!

Posted By: Dave (2008-07-26)

What a difference

Sunday was a good day wrecking,with a lot of ling for the local angling club.Monday the Diss and eye club from Norfolk had there annual 3 days wrecking with the weather in our favour we had a great 3 days fishing best eels were 52lb Monday, 55lb Tuesday and a cracker of just over 73lb on Wednesday.Thursday a local party had a day reefing resulting in 56 pollock the best in double figures, then Friday another day wrecking over 70 pollock 1 cod and 5 ling we tried 5 wrecks but only managed to find a medium run the biggest just over 14lbs. We are away for 2 days sharking now, hopefully to break my duck report next week.

Posted By: Dave (2008-07-19)

True to word

As I said an update,but not a good one a new party were booked this week but unfortunatly the weather was dire managed to do 2 days wrecking and 2 reefing, but proved to be very difficult anchoring the best congers we caught being handy to 50lb, needless to say Saturday the weather improved for the local anglers and we had over 60st of fish with countless small congers being slipped back.Hopefully today will be as successful.

Posted By: Dave (2008-07-12)


Its been a while because I forgot how to log on to this facility, well its been rather hectic we have had a lot of wrecking trips with the weather on some of them not to good to say the least,but we have had a good catch rates with many of the parties booking their next years trips already. The wrecks have been producing a lot of pollack with a good showing of cod as well last monday we had 9, thursday 12 which is a good sign the adverse weather has meant we have not done much anchoring the biggest congers this year in the 50lb to 60lb class hoping to improve on that this week with 10 consecutive days wrecking booked? We have just had the 3 day shark festival with a total of 8 sharks caught not a bad result apart from the fact yours truly was the only boat to blank all 3 days maybe Im not perfect after all? The reefing has been reasonable with the normal run of congers and a few ling, with competant anglers some good pollack.I will try to update next saturday," honestly," if the weather lets us get out?

Posted By: Dave (2008-07-05)

First trip 2008

Well its been a long time since our last trip, the winter has gone alright commercially you will be pleased to know, that means I still have a boat to fulfill the busy diary. Lets hope this season goes as well as the last with maybe a bit kinder weather. Monday the local C.F.S.A Members gathered for a reef trip with the weather a bit threatening for a mid channel jaunt we decided on the Eddystone reef the fishing went very well,bait fishing produced numerous herring with a sprinkling of mackerel,which proved to be excellent bait for the ling,fishing produced several pollack to 16.6 and in excess of 40 ling the largest 28lb. It proved to be a very good start to the season lets hope it carries through.

Posted By: Dave (2008-03-29)

Wrecking Saturday

Dispite a fresh easterly wind,we left Looe at 3am for the 65 mile trip to the Hurds Deeps,arriving at just after 7am we had a couple of drifts which resulted in pollack to just under 18lbs,we then anchored and a steady run of ling and conger came aboard,the congers all being in the 40lb class.Several good fish were lost and it was decided to make a short jump 2 miles to another wreck we got the anchor in but the tide was on the change and we had no luck with the congers but the ling were savage and many ling in the 20 to 24lb range were taken a visiting angler Mark from Wales had a nice cod of 17lbs to add to his bag.With the fresh wind against the tide things became quite difficult so we made our way home.The are only a few trips at weekends now so I will keep you posted. Message for Charlie not sure if you got my reply ,the email kept getting returned ok. More pictures added on gallery

Posted By: Dave (2007-10-10)

Fishing this week

On Saturday with the weather set fair we left at 3am for a wreck in the south west approaches a wreck that I had been told was huge, after a 65 mile steam,we arrived at what was definatly the biggest wreck I have yet to fish,with perfect tides for conger fishing we anchored to the outside of the wreck where we caught a lot of ling, several pollack but no congers we then tried anchoring the inside of the wreck still the same result loads of ling but no congers. We then made the decision to wait for the flood tide even though it would only give us an hours fishing before having to get under way,sure enough the anchor pulled tight and a frantic hour of conger fishing took place the biggest eels were all in the 50lb range, obviously we were fishing into a blank side to start with never mind this is what its all about next visit will be with a flood tide? Sundays trip was cancelled and on Monday dispite awful weather conditions a group of dutchmen who had flown over for 2 days fishing were taken inshore to catch some congers we had 9 the biggest 22lb, and were under way back in at 2pm ,the second day we spent sharking but no luck,still they were just happy to have got out both days.Wednesday saw Ian Dick and Stoner three shark club members down for their last trip of the season, started off having a run after an hour, only for Stoners line to part as he struck into the fish,not good! Fortunatly in the afternoon as the tide slacked off Ian got a shark on no mistakes with this one a good 80lb ,photos taken and duly tagged and released.Thursday I had a corperate party out but we had no success sharking,this was my last trip of the season and I will be putting my mackerel gear aboard next week. I have trips through the winter with the C.F.S.A members which I will give details of, if you want to see some of the fish caught in cornish waters by these club members visit their site.thecfsa.com.

Posted By: (2007-09-28)

Fishing this week

On Thursday 13th we left on a 3 day charter to Guernsy the aim to catch Cod on rod and line and tag and release the said fish, we had done the same thing back in May and out of 51 cod caught, 33 were tagged and released.This time round we found it harder to keep the cod alive and only managed to release 7 fish.Fortunatly for the anglers that formed the crew we did find a good amount of large Pollack as a bycatch, but unfortunatly had to move on in search of the cod never mind everybody had a brilliant trip and are looking forward to the next one.Sunday saw us reefing with a group of lads from Plymouth out on the Eddystone reef ground where we released a large amount of congers the biggest in the region of 30lb and the lads took home some nice ling.Monday and Tuesday were spent wreccking with numerous eels caught up to 53lbs and several good pollack to 18lbs. The lads from Liverpools last day, today saw us reefing with several small pollack coming aboard, the next 2 days will be spent on maintenance much needed after 31 consecutive days at sea then hopefully wrecking mid channel this weekend.

Posted By: (2007-09-19)

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